9th-Century Fashion in Detail Thames and Hudson Limited

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Fashion in Detail: 1800-1900 showcases the opulence and variety of nineteenth century fashion through exquisite color photography of garment details paired with line drawings showing the complete construction of each piece. From the delicate embroidery on neoclassical gowns to the vibrant colors of crinolines and the elegant tailoring of men's coats, the richness of the period is revealed in breathtaking detail. The featured garments, drawn from the Victoria and Albert Museum's world-class collection, were at the height of fashion in their day. They display a remarkable range of colors, materials, and construction details: from the intricate boning of women's corsets to the patterned silk of men's waistcoats. Seen up close and further illuminated by detailed commentary, these carefully chosen garments illustrate many of the major themes of nineteenth-century dress. A new introduction illuminates the history of fashion in the nineteenth century, followed by chapters that cover beautiful details, including gathers, pleats and drapery, collars, cuffs, pockets, and more. Each garment is accompanied by a short text, detail photography, and front-and-back line drawings. A glossary, bibliography, and exhaustive index conclude the book. 160 color illustrations and 300 line drawings

Издательство: Thames and Hudson Limited
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Произведение: 9thCentury Fashion in Detail
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